Before fixing a meeting with me, must keep few things in mind:

First Communication: Send me these details on my email id:

  • Your name, Your contact number and city you reside
  • Date of Service, location of Meeting(only 3,4 and 5 star hotels), Duration of meeting
  • Hotel Name, hotel address, room no, and booking name
  • Your Desires and fantasies
  • Dont ask for donations, its already mentioned on my website
  • Time of Meeting(Dont get late,i am very punctual)

At Meeting: when we meet, remember these things:

  • Hygiene is most important, Be clean so that I want to be able to enjoy being close to you!
  • Keep the donation in an envelope, openly where i can see it properly in first minutes of our meeting
  • Be in lovely mood, polite and respectful


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